Dear Parents,

If you are considering sending your high school daughter to this conference, DO IT! My daughter attended the first Unveiling Conference when she was a freshmen in high school and she loved it. What I loved about this conference is that the topics are real and relevant to teen girls lives today.  They relate to what teen girls are dealing with, talking about, feeling, questioning, and unsure of.  The speakers help the girls see and understand God's truth about some uncomfortable, tough, and embarrassing issues that our girls face at this age. I was so grateful for my daughter to have an opportunity to be exposed to honest information about issues I might not know as much about. Unfortunately, the world we live in has a lot of difficult things for our teen girls to process.  I was thrilled that my daughter learned how to deal with the issues discussed and how to think about these topics in the right way, from God's perspective and from what He tells us in His word.  This conference opened doors for further conversations between my daughter and I and provided continued learning on both of our parts. I encourage you to trust in this conference for your daughter.  It is true, it is thorough, it is encouraging, it is fun... it is just a really good thing for her! 



Lisa Naugler