Christina Boudreau is a 28-year-old daughter of the King who is passionate about loving Jesus with her whole heart. The desire of her heart is to help young women see their worth, identity, purpose and beauty in the eyes of the Lord. She has spent the last ten years as a Plus Size model, author, and speaker, with the sole purpose of spreading the gospel to the four corners of the earth. Her story of brokenness to wholeness, chains to freedom, and pain to experiencing God’s incredible peace is what God used to call her into reaching young women for His glory! She is the founder of: www.iamroyaltyministry.com & www.beautyhasnosize.com!



Danny and Monique Quimlat met while were serving in a Young Adult Ministry.  She was volunteering on the leadership team, and he was one of the pastors.  After finally mustering up the courage to ask her out, she remembers that moment being super awkward but said yes anyway.  Thus was the start of their crazy adventure together pursuing more of Jesus and His Kingdom... This September marks their 8th wedding anniversary, and they have two boys, a 5-year-old named, Jackson and their 3-year-old son, Josiah Grey.  Danny is the lead pastor at Restored Church South Bay and is passionate about raising up disciples who make more disciples.  He loves all things Hip Hop dance, Harry Potter and isn’t ashamed to say he recently jumped onto the Riverdale bandwagon on Netflix. Besides being gifted at keeping her husband sane and her super active sons alive, Monique is passionate about bringing beauty from within every person and is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist, currently pursuing her license in Cosmetology. She also has a huge heart for community outreach and the church’s mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus.



Mark Andriany is a messy follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father to two precious girls. He loves music and tattoos.  Mark wholeheartedly believes that Jesus offers freedom from all the programs and systems that are telling us that we need to have more, do more,  look different, and be better. The gospel allows us the freedom just to be loved by God.  

Mark is also a middle school Bible teacher at SFC. He truly believes the gospel can transform middle schoolers. Not because they made one decision, one time, but because they are capable of allowing the kingdom of God to be burrowed down into the depths of their being so that they can manifest the love of God to everyone they encounter.



Kelly Steele is a rebel and revivalist for the Kingdom. After living bound by sin and shame, she found freedom after a radical encounter with God in 2013. Her heart burns for others to find freedom and worth through the love of Christ. She has a desire for everyone to be set ablaze and not settle for the status quo. She has lived many different lives ranging from a semi-professional soccer player, to investment banker in NYC, to working in anti-human trafficking. She now serves as the Mission Community Impact Director at North Coast Calvary Chapel. 




Beejay is a song leader for churches all over San Diego and is passionate about discovering the ways we can use music to interact with God.

She is also a songwriter and mama bear to 3 of the coolest kids on planet earth.

One of her favorite quotes is, “Begin to know Him now, and never finish,” by Oswald Chambers. It reminds her that she's called to a life of change, adventure, mystery and unending discovery. 

Check out Beejay's website: www.beejayondera.com
*There is a worship section, including a FREE download, along with her other music!

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Luma Haddad is the Young Life Urban Area Director for San Diego South Bay for 18 years now. Luma directly works with  teenagers in Junior High and High Schools. She is passionate about her work with youth and empowering them to know who they are in Christ.  She is also a public speaker, and has spoken to many audiences of teenagers, women, and youth workers all over the United States and in the Middle East.  Luma was born in San Francisco, lived in Amman, Jordan and graduated from Point Loma Nazerene University in San Diego with a major Broadcast Journalism. She resides in San Diego with her husband Rami and her children Jordan (10) and Yasmeen (6).



Kristi Ellis is passionate about helping girls thrive through their teen years and has worked with pre-teens and teens for over 25 years. Currently, she teaches middle school at Santa Fe Christian Schools as well as facilitates writing workshops at the University of San Diego. She has developed a curriculum specifically for middle school girls called “Identity & Sisterhood” where she helps teens discover and reflect on the uniqueness of being female and God’s intention in their lives. Kristi also serves in Unveiling, helping Rondi plan and execute the vision of the ministry. In her free time, Kristi loves spending time with her family in the high sierras. She lives in Encinitas with her husband, her three children, and her two dogs.